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Global Craftsmanship.

American Style.

Handcrafting superb outerwear isn’t simply a day’s work for our international makers, or those here at home. It’s their passion. And, for many, it represents tradition: generations upon generations of expertise and apprenticeship.

We’ve traveled the far corners of the earth to bring you the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship—wearable works of art with as much personality as you. Setting out from our family-run headquarters in the U.S., we’ve searched the globe to find farmers, tanners, and tailors who share our ethos: authenticity, individuality, a strong sense of ethics, and attention to detail.

Many of our partner relationships span several decades. They’re true collaborations, built on mutual trust and respect. We choose these experts year after year, because they create lasting, artfully handcrafted outerwear at the highest standards of quality.


Breeze through winter's worst in the McKinley, a rugged 3/4 length sheepskin coat designed to keep you toasty on the chilliest of days. Crafted from Merino sheepskin, this durable yet surprisingly lightweight coat has a soft, supple hand and plush interior. Its full zip front and button-over storm flap protect you from cold winds, while two outside slip pockets and two inner zip pockets keep your essentials tucked away safely.

This coat is a relaxed, generous fit that makes for easy layering.

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We proudly collaborate with a team of global artisans who are as committed to quality craftsmanship as we are.

Each one of our premium leather and sheepskin coats represents an artisanal journey. It starts with the finest leathers, as there's no substitute for quality. Leather is a true organic material, and only the top farmers in the world specialize in pedigreed breeds, providing the ideal care and climate to develop leathers with the most refined characteristics.

The next step is tanning—a process that is equal parts art and science. Expert tanners use traditional techniques to transform raw hides into beautifully finished leather and sheepskin in a variety of colors and styles. Only the best pelts are selected for the next step: handcrafting the coat itself.

Tanning is a craft that needs to be done by human beings, by hand,” explains one of our Turkish tanning experts. “It’s a very involved process that can take upwards of twenty-four days to go from a raw pelt to a finished one, and each has its own character.

Skilled cutters carefully hand-cut the leather: a single coat typically requires 50-60 individually cut pieces from 5-7 hides, not counting the additional accents. Next, the artisans carefully hand-stitch and sew the garment, with multiple inspection points along the way. With an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, only a handful of coats are created each day.

A single coat typically requires 50-60 individually cut pieces from 5-7 hides, not counting the additional accents.

We only work with manufacturers who share our values: authenticity, attention to detail, and a strong sense of ethics.

Large, automated luxury coat factories simply don’t exist. This artisanal, niche craft requires years of apprenticeship, with each coat proudly and painstakingly constructed by hand. Our master coat makers are small, family run operations—from the exotic lands of ancient Istanbul to the modern streets of downtown L.A., each specializing in a different type of leather or style.

Producing coats of this caliber requires a certain investment: in the finest materials, the best facilities, and the most skilled experts. We are champions of true talent, and our team of designers, tailors, and cutters are among the best in their field.

Just as every maker is unique, so is every Brosmen coat. No two hides are exactly alike. But the making of the coat is just the beginning—what happens next is up to you. With every new adventure over the years, your sheepskin or leather coat will contour to your form, developing more character and becoming part of your journey.

6 Advantages Of Sheepskin Coats:

Sheepskin coats first gained popularity during WWII, when heavyweight sheepskin bomber jackets kept air crews warm. Thanks to the crimp of the sheep's wool, which creates insulating air spaces, sheepskin naturally retains body heat, keeping you warm during winter's worst.
When cared for properly, a high-quality sheepskin coat can last for decades and still retain its softness and shape. Brosmen's shearling coats are the finest and most durable available. It's not uncommon for us to hear from customers who've been wearing their sheepskin coat for more than 20 years.
Given its naturally insulating properties, one might think sheepskin would be too heavy or hot for moderate climates. But sheepskin is renowned for its breathability and moisture-wicking properties, which keep your body temperature regulated regardless of fluctuations in the environment. Sheepskin's adaptability and versatility will see you from autumn through spring.
Sheepskin is naturally water resistant. Its wool fibers possess sturdy, water-repellent layers that protect it from moisture. Sheepskin coats just need to be lightly shaken after exposure to rain or snow, and smoothed over with a soft brush.
Sheepskin coats continue to be a quintessential part of American style. Extremely versatile, sheepskin coats are at home in any setting and can easily be dressed up or down. While bulky down coats can be unflattering, sheepskin comes in a myriad of fashionable silhouettes with flattering lines and striking accents—like tailored seams, belted waists, and fur trim. With sheepskin, you'll never sacrifice fashion for function. 
Sheepskin effortlessly wicks perspiration away from your skin, keeping you warm and dry in a wide variety of climates. The core of each wool fiber can absorb 30 percent of its weight in moisture vapor without getting damp. With external water repelled and internal humidity absorbed, sheepskin is nature's thermal-regulating material.