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Sparkling windows in just a few steps!
The Window Slider ™ is the perfect accessory for easily washing 3mm to 10mm thick windows in multi-story homes, condos, dormitories and office building rails.


Your window will be clean 2x faster than normal!
The Window Slider ™ enables quick cleaning. Clean the inside and outside of your most inaccessible areas of your windows in one motion. And at the same time ensure a perfect result. Cleaning windows has never been easier!

Easily clean your windows without leaving streaks
The Window Slider ™, recommended and used by many experts, saves you a lot of time so that the windows sparkle again. Thanks to the innovative system, you can clean the inside and outside of your most inaccessible areas of your window surface. The integrated fall protection rope serves as an additional safety element. Thanks to the double cleaning system, this highly effective cleaning set cleans large areas perfectly: The two cloths of the Window Slider ™ have a double effect: It not only repairs all the dirt, but also makes your windows shine. The microfiber cloth can also be used to scrub very dirty windows. It can be washed 300 times without losing its properties.