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2020 Latest Molybot Smartwatch (Special offer today only & free shipping)

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The first-class health and fitness smartwatch offers AI technology with GPS, EKG, HR, SPO2, blood pressure and a battery life of more than 10 days

We at molybot have made it our mission to enable better health and fitness through Advanced molybot AI Technology. Our ecosystem includes smartwatch, tracker, scale, bottle and more. connected to molybot App based on AI Tech. 


molybot Watch - The molybot Health & Fitness Smartwatch

To enable better fitness, the molybot Watch has AI technology with GPS, EKG, HR & HRV, SPO2, blood pressure, more than 17 training units and a battery life of more than 10 days.

molybot  Watch was developed as a last resort to all your  upcoming  adventures   withstand. It   is made from strong, lightweight, aerospace grade aluminum that is antibacterial. The fitness smartwatch comes in a waterproof 46 mm case with IP68 protection and a battery life of more than 10 days. The IPS display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass, which is robust and crack-resistant.




Our   fitness smartwatch will get   you in shape and keep you there! molybot Watch   records your hourly activity and rest time, your steps, your distance, your sleep quality, your sleep hours, your calories burned, your climbed distance, your training quality, your heart rate.



The style is casual and comfortable enough to be worn all day.


      molybot Artificial Intelligence Technology

Designed and developed by molybot to help you understand yourself more clearly and accurately. Our  AI technology and  our   ecosystem  support you every step of your trip.  




This is it - the only fitness smartwatch you'll ever need.


This is it - the only   fitness smartwatch   you'll ever need. Our system includes automatic training detection, yoga workouts, hiking training, advanced running functions (such as cadence and pace warnings) and up to five metrics at the same time. Take  responsibility for your health    with  molybot !




17+ Goal Based Practice Modes   - Mix It Up A Little! You can choose from more than 17 workouts including running, cycling, swimming, yoga and circuit training. Find out your goals in each activity and try to achieve (or exceed!) Them.


Automatic exercise   detection - molybot Watch does it all for you, recognizing when you are running, swimming, riding an elliptical or exercising so you never have to change anything manually. All of your records are automatically displayed in the molybot app.


Built-in GPS   - We save GPS chips, GLONASS and BEIDOU three-position system in our fitness watch. This allows you to accurately track your pace, distance, and other vital stats every time you climb, cycle or run. Check your split times and map your route too!


Swimproof & Tracks Floats up to 50 m   -  climbing  into the pool and  train  you! Whether you are swimming or jogging in the rain, you can rest assured that molybot Watch will stay functional, count your stats and track your progress.


24/7 heart rate and heart rate   zones   - you can   always stay informed of your heart rate while using molybot Watch. Our 24/7 heart rate determines your goals for calorie burn, exercise, and health trend. Our real-time dynamic heart rate zone shows you when you are in a fat burning, aerobic or extreme zone so that you can change your heart rate to workouts appropriately.



Keep an eye on your EKG - right from your own wrist. molybot Watch notifies you when your heart rate drops or increases, and also records irregular rhythms. From fall detection to SOS emergency warnings, our smartwatch ensures safety and health.


This watch goes beyond training: normal sinus rhythm (NSR) and atrial fibrillation (AFib) are just a glance away with our constantly active EKG. This watch recognizes more than ten different arrhythmia symptoms, including tachycardia, bradycardia, and tachyarrhythmia.


If you stay alive, your blood deserves your respect. You can closely monitor your blood pressure and read your numbers accurately thanks to a high sampling frequency that molybot Watch enables.


Those who do swear by it, and it can change your life. If you breathe naturally and consciously for a minute, you can enter a meditative state. molybot is right next to you, tracking your HRV scores to evaluate your meditation.


Nothing else matters without sleep. molybot Watch determines the quality of your sleep and records your deep sleep, light sleep and awake times to find out how much rest you need.


Don't get caught running! molybot Watch shows you when you are tired and need to sit down or sleep for a while.



Unavoidable Alerts   - However you want to receive your alerts, you can - via calls, text, calendar notifications, or push notifications.



Motivation to Success   - Nothing prepares you for success like a little healthy competition. Share your activities with your friends, organize coaching, set challenges and earn awards. Our smartwatch informs you - it's time to do your best!



Track all of your activity -   with molybot widgets you can check your steps, distance, standing, energy, exercise, heart rate, sleep stats and more




Your   molybot watch will   fit any regular size 20mm strap , including sports brands designed for movement and breathability, stylish woven straps, and premium leather straps.

You can customize the bracelet or the dial at molybot to suit your style.


Clock Faces - Tell the time the old fashioned way. You can choose any watch face that suits you.



molybot Watch-Styled for Excellence


We designed   molybot Watch   to help you achieve peak performance  by integrating  a GPS, an optical  heart sensor  , an electrical  heart sensor  and more into an aluminum- quality case with a gorilla glass screen and long battery life.