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AbsMaster Pro ™ - Elite Abs & Core Trainer

Make Your Home Workouts Easier And More Effective Than Ever Before

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The # 1 trainer for people who want to get the most out of their home training!

Whether you don't have time to go to the gym, you don't want to go to the gym for safety and health reasons, or you just prefer to work out from home, with the AbsMaster you will achieve better and faster results in your home training than ever before!

Specifically Designed To Be Easy To Use Yet Highly Effective

More exercise options

Specifically designed to offer a wide variety of exercises, many of which could not previously be done at home. This means you can get better workouts for your entire body - abs, core, torso, legs, flexibility, and more - without the need for any other equipment.

Easy to use

When something is difficult to use, we often find ourselves quickly ... well ... don't. The AbsMaster Pro ™ was specially developed to be so easy to use and set up in seconds that you can easily integrate it into your routine and continue to use it over the long term.

Ensures the correct shape

To do the exercises properly is crucial to provide better and faster results  achieved  , but also  not to hurt yourself doing  (because who has time for a painful stiff back?). There are no short cuts to getting into the shape you want - get it right or don't do it at all!

See the AbsMaster Pro in action!

The ability to be used effectively for complete workouts without the need for additional equipment is what makes the AbsMaster Pro ™ unique and useful and recommended by fitness trainers.

Here is just one of the many practice sets you can do with them at home.

We put the suction to the test ...

And even we were surprised by the results.

Do you have wooden, concrete or rough floors?
No problem!

Each AbsMaster Pro ™ comes with a set of 4 floor stickers that can be used on any level floor that is not smooth enough to allow proper vacuuming, e.g. B. on some wooden floors, concrete floors, coarse tiles etc.
The stickers are transparent, removable. Easy to apply and won't damage your floor - whatever type of floor you have, the AbsMaster Pro ™ is still your perfect trainer!