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Autonomous outdoor lamp

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You can light up your home with no effort!
On October 25, 2020, Sunday is a typical winter change, the night will take up the whole day!

Light up all places in your area at any time, thanks for this product outdoor light

Install it where you want: courtyard, driveway, front door, path, garage, garden, mobile home, caravan, engine room, etc. Equipping your home with self-sufficient lighting is easy to install, whatever you want!


100% normal work without electricity
Completely wireless! Thanks to your outdoor lighting, you no longer have to pay high electricity bills. The solar panels contained in the lamp allow the batteries to be charged independently.

Withstand All Weather
Conditions Its IP65 waterproof design makes it very suitable for all weather conditions. Therefore, they have the properties of heat resistance, frost, dust, rain and snow

Protect yourself and your loved ones from thieves
With the advanced MoveOn technology, every movement can be detected at a distance of up to 5 meters.

Compared to conventional lighting, the motion detection system is a great advantage of our lighting. This prevents thieves from breaking into the house at night and stealing your most valuable property.

Very Easy to
Install Install it on almost any material you want and you can easily install it in minutes. No socket is required, 100% solar energy can be used.

3 different modes
motion detection mode : no action, no light.

Active light mode: when motion is detected, low light and full brightness are kept by default.

Night mode: The default low light setting is always on at night.

Improved version: greater range and larger lighting area
With the upgrade from 50 to 100 LEDs, the new version offers higher brightness and a larger lighting area that can illuminate 35 square meters up to 270 degrees.

Input voltage: 5.5 V Power: 20 W.

Lighting: LED 100-600 lumens

Power supply: Lithium battery 1 * 3.7V / 2200 mAh

Maximum charging and lighting time: 8 hours

Angle and distance of the sensor: 120 degrees / 3-5 m

Dimensions: 9.5 cm x 13.5 cm