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Clipping your baby's itty-bitty nails can be a terrifying proposition for any new parent. 

Is it safe? How do you go about it? What if you accidentally cut the baby's finger?

Those overgrown nails may be softer and more pliable than yours, but they can also be sharp enough for babies to scratch themselves, especially around the face. And while Grandma may suggest you peel or nibble off your baby's nails, it's probably not the best idea. Peeling may accidentally take off too much of the nail, while nibbling may transfer your germs to the baby's skin.

Since letting nails grow indefinitely isn't exactly an option, what can you do besides holding your kid down and enduring the screams? 

Our product is the best manicure set for children of all ages. It won't damage cuticles or soft nail beds, so you can safely and quickly trim and polish little toenails and fingernails. With a quiet motor and soothing vibrations, it will not scare your baby so that you can turn a nightmare routine into a quality bonding experience.


When you're faced with cutting your baby's nails, sweet becomes stressful; you don't want to cut too much and cause them to bleed. At the same time, you don't want to leave your baby's nails too long because they might scratch themselves.

But even if you've never cut their skin or caused them any pain, kids tend to develop a fear of having their nails clipped. They often resist, fight, and cry. Parents will tell you how hard it is to hold a wiggly, screaming baby while delicately cutting their teeny, weeny nails.

So it's no wonder that many parents are looking for a safer, gentler way to keep their little one's nails safely trimmed - without risking harm to their baby's fragile little hands.

Our product is a perfect solution for children of all ages! It comes with six changeable trimming heads that allow you to gently and safely trim away excess nails without scaring or hurting your precious baby.


Our  nail trimmer can be used throughout your baby's entire childhood. Each kit comes with six trimming/polishing heads for children of all ages and even adults. Each attachment is color-coded and designed for a specific age group: yellow (0-3 months), pink (4-11 months), light blue (12-24 months), gray (24 months+), and white (adults). 

Our nail trimmer helps trim and polish fingernails and toenails in seconds using safe and effective sandpaper, which is soft on the skin, cuticles, and nail beds. The finest paper is so soft that it can be used on newborns.

Not only is MyHappyPalms™ great for babies and toddlers, but it also comes with an attachment specially made for adults, as well as a dead skin remover.


Our product is exceptionally effective at trimming baby's nails and, at the same time, completely safe and easy to use. Don't be afraid of the trimming heads coming in contact with your baby's skin. If you press MyHappyPalms™ too hard against the skin or nail, the motor will stop working automatically.

Moreover, a handy flashlight and whisper-quiet motor allow you to get the job done while your baby is asleep. Simply attach your chosen trimming head, turn it on, and use the front flashlight to file away excess nail length.

Our product has just one power button that controls the nail trimmer's two settings: speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse). Sometimes it may not be easy to file down the outer corners of your baby's nails, but you'll be able to maneuver the file with a little patience. Being able to reverse the direction of the spin can also help if you run into this problem.


With our Baby Nail Trimmer, you can get the job done fast anywhere you are, and turn a nightmare routine into a quality bonding experience. It makes a perfect baby shower gift too!

Our nail trimmer is a perfect solution for you!

  • Includes a Travel Case. Use It Anytime, Anywhere.

  • 2 Speed Settings (Fast or Slow)

  • 2 Rotation Settings (Clockwise or Counterclockwise)

  • 6 Replaceable Attachments (3 for children and 3 for adults)

  • 2AA Battery Powered (Not included)