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Bluetooth HealthWatch (all-in-one package)

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HealthWatch-Connected Watch
HealthWatch’s connected watch allows you to make and receive calls, receive text messages, and
Notify, monitor and improve your health.
With smart functions, it is an ideal health companion.
Of course, it can also indicate the time.


HealthWatch - New version
What's new in HealthWatch: - lP68 waterproof (you canswim with it) - Detachable bracelet - Synchronizationof phone contacts on ios and Android - Magneticcharger - Updated software - New case

functions sending and receiving phone callsReceiving SMs and notifications (Email,
Facebook, WhatsApp, etc)
Retina Super HD touch screen√Autonomy: 1 to 3 days
Standby time: 3 to 5 days
2 modes of display screen (4 icons and multi-icon)
12 wallpapers optionsAltavoz built
Resistente shockBluetooth
sincronizacion telephone contacts on ios (newxWatch 5) and Android
magnetic cargador, new HealthWatch
IP8 waterproof (You can swim with it, do not put itin hot water, do not use it in the sauna, do not
exceed 1.5m in depth, do not shower with it).
SMS and Notifications
Listen to music
Compatible with ios and Android: The HealthWatch watch is compatible with iOs (Apple)and Android (Samsung,Huawei,HTC,Xiaomi,Sony,LG,Nokia, etc) Smartphones.
Ultra-fast: Equipped with a dual-core processor, HealthWatch connected watch is ultra-fast to launchyour applications and navigate smoothly.
Aesthetics: Sleek, understated, and on-trend,HealthWatch lets you assert your style- in black,white or pink!
Magnetic charger: Recharging is easy thanks to thesupplied magnetic cable, no batteries needed
IP68 Waterproof: The HealthWatch watch is waterproofup to IP68, you can swim with it.
ln three colors: Choose your favorite color according to your style and mood.
12 wallpaper options
An essential life partner
we want to make it clear that our products are HealthWatch and not AppleWatch, but they will give youa similar product experience.
- Watch dimensions: 3.8 cm * 4.4 cm
- Touch screen dimensions: 1.54 inches, 2.7 cm * 2.7cm
- Bracelet dimensions: length: 25.5 cm, width: 2.1 cm- Bracelet colors: white, black,pink
-cender: Male,Female
- compatible with ios 8 and above,Android 4.4 andabove
- Built-in 380 mAh battery, autonomy: 1 to 3 days,standby time: 3 to 5 days
- Language: Spanish, 8 other languages available:English, German, French,Italian,Portuguese
(Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil),Russian and Turkish -Bluetooth 3.0,4.0 - Aluminum case - Weight: 50g