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C-Rest Pillow: Effortless Neck Relief Pillow

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C-Rest Pillow lulls you into sleep! See it in Action.


C-REST PILLOW is a NECK RELIEF Pillow ✔️ that provides the ergonomic support and helps you fall asleep effortlessly. It improves neck posture for those with aches, pain, discomfort, or anything in between. It helps relax muscles, relieves tension, and improves the mobility of the neck and shoulders. Take a nap, or take a good night of sleep with C-Rest Pillow- the most ergonomic pillow, ever. 

Relax. Fall Asleep in Minutes! Rest on C-Rest Pillow

Living with neck pain is pain. If you have frequent neck pain or know someone who does, you know it’s not an easy problem to get rid of. Chiropractic, Massage, and physiotherapy are costly and time-consuming. Why there isn't a solution for home care?

Stop band-aiding the problem with medications. We must align our cervical spines to reverseall these negative effects of tech devices, gravity, injuries, and whiplashes.

Straight Out of Medical Book


Your neck is out of balance. Let’s fix that!


Rest on C-Rest

Resting on C-REST PILLOW ( for as little as 10-15 minutes a day) can help restore your default neck posture (the natural curve of the neck: cervical lordosis). Designed and tested by ergonomists, it aligns your head and neck for proper support, so you can sleep soundly.

Mimics the Feeling of Getting a Neck-Massage

It is made of integral skin foam. When your head rests on C-Rest Pillow, the integral skin foam takes the pressure and expand, providing gentle stretches. Gentle, but perfectly therapeutic. It feels just like a professional's hands. 

 You can take a nap or a night of sleep if you like. It's effortless. It's best to use:

  • in the morning, to warm up the neck spines
  • in the evening, to restore the damage after a long day of work
  • before/after exercises, to relieve stress and tension




The C-Rest Pillow’s form was designed to mimic the effect of having a pair of expert hands give you a neck-massage. Its unique shape cradles the head while relying on the head’s weight to stretch your neck out ever so gently, relieving pain in as quick as 10 minutes. Its name comes from the C-curve that defines its shape as well as from the C1-C6 cervical vertebrae in the neck region that it aims to relax. 


The pillow comes molded from a unique integral skin foam that’s both rigid yet comfortable. The foam’s density allows the C-Rest pillow to maintain its shape, unlike most regular, orthopedic, or travel pillows that just deform to take the shape of your head. The pillow’s unique shape-retention property, combined with its low-poly design helps it get to work on key pressure points of the neck, working on bones, nerves, muscles, and blood vessels to help restore your neck’s natural curves (or cervical lordosis, as your chiropractor would say), relieving stress, tension, poor sleep, or anything in between.

1. Effortless & On-the-go. 

We know, “We tried, too.” Most devices like foam rollers & massagers are not designed specifically for your neck; otherwise, they are mostly awkward and require some background knowledge.

That's why we made C-REST PILLOW. A device, specifically designed for your neck that helps us wind down naturally for better, deeper relief in your neck. 


2. Align the Natural C-Curve in a matter of minutes.

Restoring the curve in your cervical spine cues your body for rest. Natural alignment induces more blood flow & better circulation, helping you to relax. Such feeling lulls your entire body to relax.

3. Gentle & gradual traction & stretch

Gentle stretch is always better than sudden and aggressive treatment. Slow & Steady!

C-REST PILLOW improves neck posture for those with aches, pain, discomfort or anything in between. While you just lie down and relax, it naturally restores your neck curves (a.k.a cervical lordosis), relieving stress, tension, poor sleep, tension headaches, migraines and more...


4. Pressure relief with amazing touch & feel

C-REST PILLOW precisely contours to provide targeted pressure relief. The "Just-Right" Responsiveness of C-REST PILLOW cells to align your neck spines in the most natural possible, with no disruptions or resistances.

To sum up, "The Perfect Balance of Soft and Firm - Comfort & Support." That's me!

5. Improve Posture

Decompression with C-REST PILLOW should happen in as little as 10-15 minutes a day - for less than the cost of a single physical therapy or chiropractic session. Consistency over expensive treatments. (Bonus: You can enjoy it virtually anywhere- on the floor, bed, sofa, yoga mat, and so on.) Good posture boosts your mood, confidence, motivation and overall health.

6. One Size Fits All

Unique Polygon Design is built to Fit Your Neck Perfectly. These curves and edges make a huge difference. Our Advanced Ergonomic Design is adaptable to any neck shape and posture. Our unique polygon structure combines perfect fit, stability, and ergonomic support. With C-REST PILLOW, we want to make sure that not a single person is excluded because of his or her neck proportions, height, and weight. One size fits most, maybe all.

7. It's water-proof

Wipe it down with damp cloth to clean, or just dunk it in water. Will it float?

Also, it's made of INTEGRAL SKINFOAM, it's tough enough to handle everyday tumble. It wicks moisture/water, so it can be cleaned with a simple wipe down. It's light, portable and flexible. Simple to set up: bed, floor, soft, literally anywhere! 


1. Side to Side, Up and Down

As you guessed by now, we made C-REST PILLOW as easy & intuitive as possible. No instructions needed. It just works. Align yourself with confidence and rest is assured. Once you get used to it, just move up & down or side to side as seen below:


2. So Easy, it’s Almost Fun

During C-REST PILLOW, you should take a deep breathe and move side to side or up and down if you like. Whether you like to read a book or play on a phone, just give yourself 10-15 minutes. 

You can assume any positions... but try not to fall asleep. You may drop a phone in your face.

Why? Neck is very delicate, providing wide range of motion at the joints. Plus, many nerves, veins, and arteries circulate at very high speed. Therefore, you do not want to rock the boat. Just wait for it to relax in the most natural way possible. Enjoy it as if it' is Neck Yoga.