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Cleanse - the world's first robot to kill bacteria

The patent-pending Smart Robot is pocket-sized and ready to travel. Meet your new best travel partner!

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Cleanse is the ONLY smart one in the world
Travel robot specially designed for YOU.

Cleanse is an intelligent robot with artificial
Intelligence and 18 built-in sensors. He uses
FOUR UV-C lamps to remove 99.99% of germs and bacteria
to remove on EVERY SURFACE.





Your bed is your sanctuary. When you rest, you want the best quality sleep and not worry about germs, mold, bacteria or dust mites.




The cleaner never gets stuck in bed or falls off a bed. The Cleanse has 18 intelligent AI sensors that keep the robot running.

Cleanse is the world's first robot that focuses on sensors specifically for materials and fabrics and not just on hardwood or flat surfaces.

The cleaning team has tested cleaning on more than 40 different types of materials and fabrics for sheets and blankets, as well as different sizes and shapes of beds to collect and analyze all the data and create the best AI and sensors.

The Cleanse Wheels are a patent pending technology that can run over any surface. There is no other technology like this.




Remove the handle cover and just place the cleaning on a bed under the covers. Press the power button once for a 30-minute run and twice for 60 minutes. The Cleanse uses its four UV-C lamps to clean in both directions at the same time! Disinfect and disinfect your sheets and blankets at the same time. The Cleanse has 18 sensors and smart card technology so it never falls off the bed or gets stuck.

For the top of the quilt, place the cleaner on the comforter and turn it on so it can be further sanitized. It automatically detects that there is nothing above and only uses the lights pointing down. With the patented wheel technology, the Cleanse can climb over all lumps and bumps in blankets and mattresses!




To sanitize and sanitize a surface, put the handle cover on top of the cleaner and pick it up for easy cleaning! Only the lower UV-C lamps are used to protect your eyes. With no dirt or chemicals, it is safe to use around pets and children!

Disinfect hotel pillow cases, toilet seats, light switches, bathroom fixtures, TV remotes and more in handheld mode.

In your home, you can use Cleanse to sanitize toys for your kids and pets, sanitize messy areas, and sanitize devices such as cell phones, keyboards, tablets, and car interiors.



In Power Bank mode, use the USB-C port to power a device.

We have partnered with Panasonic Battery Factory to give you exclusive access to some of the world's most advanced battery technologies. We've built Li-Ion cells and power management systems into the Cleanse hardware to give you a handy portable charger with a 3700 mAh battery that lets you charge all your devices at lightning speed on the go.

Panasonic is the world's leading provider of portable energy. By integrating the leading Li-ion cells and energy management systems into the Cleanse hardware, the game time is extended to almost TWICE that of a standard battery.

The Cleanse fits easily in all backpacks and in every suitcase! It's only a little bigger than a cell phone and almost as smart!

We performed the Cleanse with an independent third party test center. The tests were carried out with the Cleanse and recorded at a UV-C strength of 1500 mu w / cm2 and a UV-C wavelength of 254 nm.

The test results show that when the E. coli bacteria were exposed to UV-C light for only 30 seconds, the kill rate was greater than 99.99%. This shows how effective the CleanseBot is!


A time-lapse test from our studio.





Convenience - It's light and easy to use, and you can just turn it on and go! Pocket size - Practical travel size, light and easy to pack! Extra Power Bank - Need a quick charge on the go? It's a portable charger too! Healthy Living - Don't Get Sick While Traveling! Squeeze and go - For clean, safe beds, just squeeze the power and leave it alone! Stay healthy - Cleanse kills 99.99% of all germs and bacteria and prevents the spread of viruses from the air!


It starts with the built-in artificial intelligence with map technology and then adds 18 sensors and two patents, one of which covers wheel technology, to keep it moving over any type of blanket and mattress.

Throw CleanseBot in your suitcase or go ahead and never have to worry about gross hotel germs again!