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Everlast Glow Tape

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So Bright, You Might Think it's an LED Light

Fun Goes to Another Level

Have More Fun: There are so many fun ways to use Everlast Glow Tape™ you actually have MORE FUN when the lights go out or the sun goes down!

  • Line your basketball goal with tape so that even when the sun goes down, you can still play ball.
  • Make some squares out of tape for a game of glow four-square or hopscotch.
  • Put some tape on the back of your shirt for some glow-in-the-dark flag football.

Stop Fumbling in the Dark

Brighten Any Object: Watch objects come to life in the dark.

  • If you find yourself struggling to find light switches at night, put some tape on the switch cover and say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark.
  • Glow Tape is commonly used to mark stairs, steps, railings, and walkways, so even with limited visibility, you always know where everything is.


Emergency Markings

Make Your Home Safer: Use as emergency markings and floor tape in your home.

  • Make it easier for small kids to find their way around at night when they've had a bad dream or add it to their room for a cool night light to help everyone in the home get more sleep through the night.
  • Works great for the elderly to use as a guide in case of electrical failures and blackouts.

Keep the Fun Going & Stay Safer

Glows Brighter & Lasts Longer: Everlast Glow Tape™ is among the strongest and brightest self-adhesive tape on the market.

  • A single charge can last up to 24-hours and your tape can be recharged indefinitely.
  • The tape meets and exceeds the required glow time required by the international building code for luminous exit path markings.
  • Need extended charge times? To get the brightest longest-lasting charge, allow the tape to charge by ultraviolet light.
  • With even as little as a 30-minute charge with the best lighting you can acquire, Everlast Tape is designed to glow brighter and last longer (8 to 10 hours).
  • Easy to apply or remove and will leave no residue behind.

Safe Travels

Safety at Night: Provides extra safety at night for those on bikes and scooters.

  • Make yourself more visible to others by adding a little bit of tape to your transportation.
  • You can even create some style and add some cool designs.

Flex Your Creative Muscel

Makes Your Decor Pop: Use to decorate your walls, make art and patterns that pop when the lights go out.

  • Parents use our tape to help with school assignments or do fun crafts with your kids.
  • You will never get tired of hearing your friends delight over your unexpected surprises when the lights go out.
  • Make your party or next event stand out from the crowd this year.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is UV (ultraviolet) light required to charge Everlast Glow Tape?

  • Do you need to charge glow in the dark materials?

  • What is glow tape and is it safe?


"This tape is awesome! Tears easy and looks great. Charges up and glows as it should. Been putting it everywhere. It’s getting out of control. Everything I own is starting to glow."

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