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German Tiger I Electric Remote Control Tank Model 2.4G Tank

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The Tank has a full function transmitter that controls this beast as it performs 7-ways movement. It is very powerful and equipped with a high gripping caterpillar, allowing to climb steep slopes that are up to 45 degrees. The included transmitter controls all 7 functions of this awesome tank. Great gift for tank collectors of all ages!

The vast majority of the material for this product is metal (including not limited to stainless steel, iron, copper), some of the necessary accessories for other materials (including not limited to plastic), the specific customer service.

As most of the use of hand-made products, it is inevitable in some metal surface scratches, please understand! Far away to see the scratches, but some traces, better reflect the style of the tank, right?

How to Shoot Airsoft BBs

For safety reasons, the On/Off switch for the cannon has been moved to the transmitter (on the top right corner).


Long 1040.4 mm (barrel forward), no barrel is 784.7 mm

Width: 460.4 mm

High: 378.2 mm

  1. 2.4G remote control technology;
  2. Battery for car:9.6V1000MA (included);
  3. Rechargeable by Charger;
  4. Tank Size : About 37.5 * 17 * 18.5 cm
  5. Carton Size : About 50.5 * 19.5 * 31 cm
  6. Package : Color Box      
  7. Remote control distance:about 80 meters;
  8. Function:forward, accelerate forward, backward, speed backward,  Letter to rotate, launch BB shells while fanzhen, barrel lifting 30 degrees, 360 degrees rotation fort, Simulation of sound and motion effects, the channel may change by itself, multiple games simultaneously, realistic smoke devices, super chassis, realistic suspension system, a realistic commander