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Guardian Torch | Home Security Without Spending a Fortune【Three-year warranty】

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Every 22 Seconds a Home is Invaded in the US. This Solar Powered Device Keeps Your Family Protected

What is Guardian Torch?

This ‘Breakthrough Invention’ is the ultimate solution to preventing home invasions without breaking the bank. It's secret is it uses military-grade sensors and night vision technology to detect motion from an intruder and blast the area with 5 Ultra-Bright LED lights. 

Don't live in fear of intruders breaking into your home. Guardian Torch lets you rest easy at night knowing your family is safe.

Simply attach Guardian Torch™ to the side of your home in a few minutes. It's so easy-to-use, solar-powered, and doesn't need any wiring or complicated installation.



Here is what the Guardian Torch™ does for you:

  • Protects Your Home
  • Military Grade Sensors
  • 120° Advanced Motion Detection
  • 5 Ultra Bright LED lights
  • Solar Powered
  • Installs Within Minutes
  • Attaches Anywhere on Your Home

And what’s so incredible about Guardian Torch™ is that it has a built the dusk to dawn feature! It only activates at night so it does not waste energy during the day.

Proven Results: America Trusts Guardian Torch™

 Professionals will be happy to empty your wallet and then charge you a hefty monthly price just for "protection". Guardian Torch™ can be installed by anyone and requires no maintenance or monthly subscriptions!’


This "Break Through" Device:

  • Saves You Money
  • Super Easy to Install
  • No Paying Insane Amounts for Security
  • Get Protection Around Your Entire House
  • A Must-have For Every Home

Join Thousands of Americans Protecting Their Homes and Living in Peace

Thousands of satisfied customers are just raving about this breakthrough device that is making their homes safer.

"Had someone try to break into my house last week while I was on vacation, my neighbor said these scared away the thieves!" - Carol A, Georgia

"My house has never felt so safe, my husband puts these all around the house in about 15 minutes. " - Wendy M, New York City


"My wife wanted the house to feel safer so I got these and put them up on every side of our house. She loves them" - Charles B, San Antonio


"Had a company come out and quote me for a home security system, he said it would be $2,100. My friend told me about these and I saved so much money and my home feels super secure" - Mason A, Los Angeles



How Homeowners are Adding an Extra Layer of Home Security Without Spending a Fortune

  • Keep Your Family Protected by Scaring Off Thieves & Criminals with Ultra Bright LED Lights

  • It’s so easy! Screw the Guardian Torch to Your Home and it will immediately start scanning for motion.

  • Don’t Spend Thousands on a Home Security System: Protect Your Home for Just a Couple of Bucks

  • Join 16,793 Americans Protecting Their Homes with Guardian Torch