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Magic sticks and balls

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A toy that helps one create creative structural designs in unique and different ways. Countless geometric shapes and patterns can be created with magnetic bars and steel balls.

Let go of your inner designer and get inventive with these brand new construction toys!  

Are  you  looking for  ingenious and imaginative ways  to banish your boredom?   

Do you really want to  have fun  and enjoy a sense of productivity   ?    

Then a fascinating surprise awaits you in any case  This  new modern toy  is  just for you!     


Introducing Moza Magical Sticks and Balls, entertainment for all ages!  

Discover building concepts for all generations and   find unique and diverse approaches to the structural designs.

Unleash   your  artistic skills  and become a  better visionary builder! You can assemble the magnetic pins that have the quality of a magnetism.     



Immediate stress relief

It brings  deep relaxation  and acts as a wonderful  stress buster. People of  all ages  can be  immersed  in countless  hours of entertainment .

Innovative mindset

A great way to   get inspiration   and   build phenomenal models.  It improves the   innovative ideas   ,  to   the   busy mind and positive  to   maintain  .  

Activity time

Children and adults can both immerse themselves in an efficient   creative process   that can   transform   all of the   negative moods into   a   healthy interactive session.  

Get engaged to your family and quit computer games! 

Time to   turn off   the   TV and computer.  Hours and hours of   uninterrupted screen time   are   detrimental to your body   and   weaken   your potential for   creativity. 

Use the time and spiritual ability  to   have  a healthier relationship   by  enjoying yourself   with the whole family  .  

⚠️ Choking  hazard  -  children under the age of 6 can choke or choke on small parts, which can lead to serious injuries Adult supervision required. 

You can even decorate your home / office

 Besides all the things you can do, how cool  would it be   to   decorate  your home   with a   handmade accessory  ? 

Something you can build yourself     and if you are   bored   you can   do something else with it!