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Professional detailer who washes, shines and coats ceramics in one application!

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Our FORTIFY formulation team has created the ONLY home improvement detailing product that uses waterless ceramic cleaning technology and wetting agents to gently, safely and effectively remove dirt, grease and grime upon contact. So you get a clean, sealed and protected surface every time.

Faster detailing

In one simple application, Fortify Quick Coat does the job for over 3 products. This drastically reduces the time and effort required to professionally detail your vehicle. Time to throw away the buckets of water and bottles of soap!

Long lasting durability

Using advanced nanotechnology formulas, your vehicle is given a protective coating that can last for months. Hard elements, bird droppings, bugs and much more will wipe off immediately or no longer adhere at all. Once applied, you can immediately notice the ultra-smooth protective layer.

Dazzling appearance

Because of the deep, mirror-smooth surface, your vehicle will attract a lot of attention. It will give off a deep shine that is visible from a distance. Even if you have an older vehicle with outdated paintwork, this turns the clock back on for results you've never seen before.