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Real Brush Pens

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Flexible Brush Tip - The nylon brush tip lets you create thin, precise lines with the fine tip and thick, bold lines with light pressure.For
a variety of projects - Miscible ink, ideal for coloring, sketching, drawing, watercoloring, calligraphy and more
Use wet or dry. Use the pens as they are for a bolder application or create watercolor effects by adding water to mix and layer colors
AP Certified Non-Toxic - The water-based ink is certified non-toxic and suitable for artists of all levels

Enjoy the wide variety of colors offered in this set and use these versatile tools to create a variety of vibrant works of art. The flexible nylon brush tip allows you to add a picturesque touch to all your parts. Use the tip of the pen with a light hand to create precise lines. If you want to create heavier strokes, apply pressure while sketching or coloring to create bold lines. Draw different line widths and create eye-catching color combinations to spark interest in your pieces.

You don't need to use a water cup, these pens offer the same mixability as watercolors without the typical mess. Sketch your piece directly on watercolor paper and mix the colors with just a little water. Try wet-on-wet techniques like washing or glazing, or dry techniques like dry brushing. You can even sprinkle salt on your pieces when they are wet to create unique textures in the pigment. Use the water brush pen provided or opt for brushes dipped in water to blend away sharp lines or create color gradients.

Product description

Produce beautiful watercolor paintings in rich, wide strokes. Create stunning calligraphy in small, neat strokes. You can even sketch, draw, or fill in coloring books with a single tool.

Use with water: Apply paint in a line along the edge that you want to be darkest. Apply more ink to this line or draw multiple lines side by side for saturated color. Fill the provided water brush pen and swipe it over the ink. The water pulls the color across the page in a natural gradient, just like watercolors.

Use without water: Pick two to three colors to mix together - shadow, highlight and main color. Start with the darkest color and draw lines along the most shaded areas of your piece. Use your highlight color to add markers to add highlights to. Lastly, take the main color and color the lights and shadows to mix all three.

Product Dimensions 12 x 1.5 x 7.7 inches
Weight 1.05 pounds Item Model Number ARTZ-8090

Use with water:

From sketching to calligraphy, drawing to watercolor painting, you can do everything with a single pen.

Water-based ink
Feels like real watercolor painting without the usual clutter.

Use Without Water:

Flexible Nylon Brush Tip
Create a variety of strokes from fine, medium to bold with these flexible brush tips

This safe, water-based ink can be used by both adults and children (ACMI certified).

Set of 24:

Set of 48:

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