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Sing and dance with this magical unicorn!
Let your children sing and dance through cute interactive toys that sing, run and gallop, and contribute to the development of children's coordination and cognitive abilities. The unique unicorn Roxy has iridescent mane, horns, shiny wings and fairy-tale appearance, which will add magic to your child's daily life!

Out of the fairy tale
Roxy Unicorn is a mysterious and legendary creature, very suitable for all fairy tale lovers! Cute and full of bright details, making it the perfect sleeping companion!

Let's sing together!
Roxy Unicorn will make everyone sing and dance! It greatly promotes the development of sports skills and creativity in the game.

The ideal gift for children
Plush toys are the favorite of all children, especially the singing and dancing among them! Very suitable for birthday, Christmas or any other special occasions.


Suitable for your little prince or princess!

Fun and innovative toys
Roxy, the singing unicorn, will stimulate children's imagination, stimulate their senses, promote their growth, and create a magical atmosphere.

Safe and soft
This stuffed toy is completely made of safe, durable and child-friendly materials, such as cotton, which is completely safe and will not irritate children's skin. It is hypoallergenic and very suitable for children who cannot keep pets due to allergies.

Add magic to your home
In addition to singing, this plush toy will shake his tail, and your child will be seen everywhere!