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Smart Watch (HD color touch screen, waterproof) ULTI D-32

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Take care of your health, convenience and comfort. All applications at your fingertips at any time.

Bluetooth Smartwatch Sports Pedometer with SIM Camera Smartwatch for Apple,
Samsung, Android, HUAWEI

Track your activity, steps taken, calories burned, and sleep time and quality.

The watch is in the Polish language version.

Receive calls and messages.

The watch is compatible and connects directly to both your iPhone and Android device.

Browse and take photos with your phone using your watch.

The watch weighs approximately 50 grams. The battery has a capacity of 380 mAh and allows about 5-6 hours of continuous talk.
Our Smart Watch also has a Micro Sim card slot and can be used as a separate mobile phone.
Micro SD card slot up to 32GB for data storage.




Wide viewing angle and rich color saturation

The watch face is an LCD screen with a diagonal of 240x240 pixels 1.56 '' TFT HD touch screen which displays the most important information received on the phone. Fonts are sharp, vivid and deep colors.
The screen moves smoothly and steadily to show a more vivid picture of the photos. The presented model also allows you to customize the appearance of the menu, the watch face, and the choice of the displayed language.

Be active every day!

Enjoy playing sports.
Free your hands of phones or other accessories while running. The smartwatch is equipped with PEDOMETER functions, you now know what distance, at what speed and in what time you have run. You don't have to reach for the phone when someone calls you during training. All you have to do is pick it up on your smartwatch.
Safe journey Thanks to the bluetooth function. You will be able to drive safely without distracting yourself from driving while talking.

Smart anti-lost

After activating this function, the smartwatch will start ringing or vibrating informing that it is beyond the range of the phone over 10 meters.

Multifunctionality is its advantage.

This model can be used as a standalone phone because it has a Micro SIM card slot, without a sim-lock. The big advantage of the presented model is the possibility of using it as a hands-free set. This option guarantees safe driving and avoids possible fines. In order to personalize your own smartwatch as much as possible, it is possible to choose the type of dial, menu and even the appearance of icons to the user's expectations.