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Stylish 2-in-1 warming device for cold hands and a mobile power bank

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The simple one-button function allows you to choose just the right amount of heat to keep your digits warm regardless of the environment you are in. Depending on the conditions, a massive runtime of heat output of 8+ hours is generated at the low 4.5+ hours at the medium and 3+ hours at the highest heat setting. The colored indicator lamp shows where your heating level is. The adjacent LEDs show your battery level.

A dual-use, positive energy portable powerhouse! Equipped with a 5 V USB-A charging connection and a maximum output power of 2 A, your phone can be charged up to 1.5 times at full capacity. The hand warmer is not only great for charging the phone, but can also provide power to other electronic devices when you are on the go. Small devices like your smartwatch, GoPro, wireless headphones, laptop accessories, lights and more can be charged. *

* Devices must be 5 volts and 2 amps charge compatible.

We're not the first to design a hand warmer, just the first to get it right. There are several varieties of disposable chemical based, low heat, static heat, short lived heat, landfill, fuel spill, and embarrassingly ugly alternative hand warmer products. Our hand warmer is different. Our features make the hand warmer / power bank the most unique, compact, portable and powerful product of its kind.

We tested our prototypes with thermal imaging against some of the best rechargeable hand warmer products out there right now, and it wasn't even close. Our hand warmer warmed up faster, reached higher temperatures, distributed the heat more evenly and held the heat longer. Our premium electronics combined with our unique heat-retaining cork mixture make a HUGE difference in performance.


Over a year in the creation and presentation of months of brainstorming, concepts, design, prototyping, optimization and re-optimization; This slim little beauty is there, packing a ton of heat and energy into a super portable handheld device wrapped in a unique premium cork finish.

Each hand warmer comes in specially made premium packaging and contains your hand warmer / power bank, a user manual, an easy-to-connect wrist strap and USB-C to a standard USB-A charging cable.

Upgraded version, exquisite appearance, small and exquisite, easy to carry.